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Presentation is Important

I recently completed my mid-year review at work. I wanted to share one of the comments that I received because when I heard it, it struck me as a bit odd. I was told that I always look very “put together.” This was definitely a complement, and I interpreted it as such, but up until that poi...



Who is 'Kazarian' and what does he have to do with my EB1?

This article assumes that you have read my prior blog entries, and know the basic EB1 Green Card requirements and terms.On August 18, 2010, the USCIS issued a Policy Memo that permits the application of a very stringent standard to EB1 cases (EB1A Extraordinary Alien and EB1B Outstanding Researcher ...



From the PhD to a Fulfilling Career: My First Blog Post for Bio Careers

I am honored to have the privilege of contributing to the Bio Careers blog.  In my first post on Bio Careers, I want to start by introducing myself, and my career path. I received a PhD in genetics from Yale University in 2012, where I studied viral oncogenes and infectious entry of tumor viruses. ...



Don’t Avoid All Risk: On Becoming a Skilled Risk Manager

Imagine if a start-up company in an emerging market called you today and offered you your dream job with all your dream benefits and in your dream geographic location. Would you take the job without reservation? Or would you immediately envision the risks involved in a start-up company in an unprove...



Pregnant productive scientist: a definite possibility

My husband and I chose to be pregnant during my time as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Pittsburgh Medical School. A lot of women in scientific lab-based research make this choice during their time as a graduate student or postdoc. Pregnancy in itself is a unique and eventful expe...



Cell Biologist at Heart

Hello Bio Careers community! I am excited to have joined the rest of the bloggers in this little endeavor.Just to give a little perspective, I am a cell biologist at heart, and my training has been focused in the biomedical sciences. I am one of those crazy people who believe that academic science i...



Changing your Name

Today, I want to discuss something that I think half the population (at least) will never have considered.  The other half will probably think about it at some point in their lives.  For some, it is an easy decision, while for others (and that includes myself), it is problematic.  I a...



Ignore Fear: A Key Step to Being Happier and More Successful

Fear is defined by many as being afraid or apprehensive. We all have thousands of fears, many of which are very rational. These rational fears ultimately prevent us from being hurt in some way. We also all have hundreds or thousands of irrational fears. These irrational fears canprevent us from doin...



On the Failure Myth

There is a heart-wrenching myth among us PhDs, which is that PhDs are failures if they do not obtain a tenure track faculty position. The “failure myth” has been perpetuated for decades and has thus been heard by most all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (and many others…). This ...



Visiting goals at year-end and planning for the new year

I’m not a New Year’s resolution practitioner, but what I do like to do at the end of the year/beginning of a new year is to think about my goals. Goal setting is a best practice for all professionals and especially those who are looking to make personal and professional advances. What you have t...