Advice for Scientists

Aníbal Valentín-Acevedo


The path to our professional goals

Finish degree —> find perfect job —> live happily ever afterGenerally speaking this is how most of us think our professional life will go after we graduate (I know I did). Although this idea could be true, finding the path that can lead us to our dream job or to a professional goal can be ...



Job Security

Job security is a common concern among academic scientists who are considering transitioning to professional careers outside academia. Presumably, these concerns are based on the horror stories of employees being “pink slipped” for no apparent reason, and the lack of any kind of an “all-protec...


Shu Chin

How to make sure you will never get any help again

Okay, I will admit it, I am writing this with a tight jaw and clenched teeth, and possibly a weird tick with one of my eyelids. As the title stated, I will explain how you can make sure that people will avoid you like the plague, and pretend they are deaf, mute and blind when you obliviously sk...



How to Take Control of Your Time and Write a Lot More

Letting data linger in our labs is very common in academia. Most, if not all, Principle Investigators have data that may never see the light of the day. Do you wish you have more time to write scientific papers? In this present post, I'll share some tips on how to get control of your time, and ...


Shu Chin

Pros and cons of working remotely

When you hear the words “working remotely,” does it conjure up an image of someone sloppily dressed in their ratty pajama, hair unkempt, with a huge mug of coffee cradled in one hand, while sitting in front of the television with a computer, haphazardly propped on their lap? How about someo...



Do you have a Sponsor?

I am wondering how many people know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?  I am sure everyone has heard of mentors, but have you heard of a sponsor (and this isn’t someone who is trying to raise money for a deserving charity!)?  My description of a mentor is someone who teaches ...


Ramos da Silva

When is the right time to leave a job?

I still can remember the feeling of having butterflies in my stomach on my first day at the lab. Everything was new and exciting, and I wanted to know everything, meet everybody, exchange experience, show everyone what I know, and learn what I didn’t. In the perfect world, that feeling should...



Changing Your Name Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote a blog on “Changing Your Name,” and I have been having discussions about this subject ever since!  The odd thing was that, while people considered the issues with identity crisis and confusion over the name change, no-one really considered the amount of effort that...



The Power of Positive Thinking in the Job Search

Are you starting to think about your career path? Does the prospect of applying for jobs scare you? If so, please follow the instructions listed below before you read the rest of this blog post. 1. Stand up. 2. Place your right hand over your heart. 3. Recite the following sentence: “I wil...



Presentation is Important

I recently completed my mid-year review at work. I wanted to share one of the comments that I received because when I heard it, it struck me as a bit odd. I was told that I always look very “put together.” This was definitely a complement, and I interpreted it as such, but up until that poi...