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Reineke Pohlhaus

How to Sink an Interview

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews this week, trying to find the best fit for an available position.  Some interviews went well, others not so much. Here are some tips on what to avoid, unless you want to sink your chances:



Just Do It

Nike did indeed precede me in establishing the title phrase of this blog.  However, it is a statement that we should remind ourselves to obey.  Several ideas and goals have been known to come and go simply because they are not pursued.  What exactly does a person have to lose when ...



5 Ways to Research Prospective Employers

If you’re in the market for a job, it can seem like an overwhelming task to find information on prospective employers that will really tell you what you need to know.  Approaching your task from several different angles will give you a better, more complete picture of prospective employe...



Using LinkedIn to Prepare for Interviews in Science Careers

Because there are over 70 million professionals on LinkedIn, it’s a great place to network within the scientific community.  But did you also know that LinkedIn is an amazing resource for interview preparation? 



Business for Dummies

There was an article in the December 22, 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal entitled “Doctors Seek Aid from Business Schools.” It spoke to the emerging realization by some medical doctors of the importance of getting business/management training in order to run a successful medical practi...



When does your resume say you “pipette blood samples” versus “validate disease pathways using cutting-edge technology”?

HINT #1:  All science activity is linked to a scaling of scientific purpose that ranges from a simple lab task to the meaning of science in society.  Think of it as an inverted pyramid!



9 New Webinars: Transitioning to Industry Jobs and Beyond

We would like to let you know about the free webinars coming soon on Bio Careers.  All you need is your computer and internet access to attend. On the day of the webinar, we'll open the room twenty minutes prior to the start so you'll have plenty of time to get your spot and check that you...


Thomas Patrick

How to not win friends and influence people

Job searches can be frustrating things, which is why I am a fan of having a plan in place and sticking with it. Here is how NOT to react to that frustration…This article (linked below) was sent to me by a recruiter friend who asked me to share it...she also said “make sure you remind your reader...



A win-win situation

One of the things I like doing in my job is talking with the more junior students. In my current lab, we host 6-8 high school and undergraduate students each summer. They all get their own mini-project to work on for the two months, and we also organize a series of seminars during the course of the ...



How to Visit Booths at the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit

Following the success of the first two Virtual Job Summits, Bio Careers is excited to present our third edition, the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit Fall 2012. Several employers' virtual booths already opened for jobseeker review on August 1st with more coming in future weeks. You can learn more abou...