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Make Yourself Invaluable

I can proudly say that I’ve accepted jobs even though I knew (and my new manager knew) that I didn’t have a clue how to do some or all of that job. In fact, I seem to have made a career of doing just that. If you attended my webinar in January, you’ll remember that I spoke a bit about it. ...


Thomas Patrick

What About Headhunters? Part 3

Hello everyone!I wanted to take the time to circle back and continue the discussion about headhunters, and what they mean to you as a job seeker.In previous blogs, I made the following points about headhunters:1) Headhunters really aren't the best place to focus the bulk of your efforts ...



The National Interest Waiver: A whole new ballgame?

On December 28th, 2016 the Administrative Appeals Office issued a decision in Matter of DHANASAR that has changed the landscape for National Interest Waiver cases.  This is of major importance as the National Interest Waiver is one of only two self-sponsored applications and many postdocs, scie...



On the Market

Three and a half years ago, I walked into the office of my government client, and said, “I’m done.

Caroline Ceniza-Levine


When Small Talk Isn’t Small, and Little Details Mean A Lot

In a job interview, the small talk at the start isn’t small but critical to a positive first impression (the right small talk can build rapport). I write about other ways to make a good first impression at a job interview in my latest Forbes post.

Donna Kridelbaugh


Resources for Scientists: Manuscript Editing Services

In today’s “publish-or-perish” environment, scientists are often judged and hiring decisions based primarily on a lengthy publication record in high-quality journals. While there is a growing movement toward alternative metrics (i.e., measures of research impact in the mainstream), the reality...



How to Rock the Interview

There are tons of articles out there on interview skills. I’d like to throw in my twenty-five cents (inflation). I was a hiring manager for a while, and talked to a lot of job candidates. And I’ve taken those experiences to heart. In fact, since then, I’ve landed every job I’ve applied for. ...



First year on the job: Making a good impression

It has been said that the first 90 days are particularly important in making a good impression on your manager.  The closer your skill set matches the job tasks, the easier this will be.  However, there are other things that you can do to get your new job off to a good start.



In Start-Up Mode

So a month or two back, I attended a seminar on winning government contracts. I work for a non-profit research institute, and even though I spent seven years working in the Department of Defense, I thought maybe I could use a refresher. Being in Business Development, it pays to keep abreast of new d...



Top 10 Biotech Jobs (#10-7) – Positioning Yourself

Recently, Genetic Engineering News published a list of what they believe will be the top 10 biotech jobs most in demand over the next decade. For those looking for moving beyond the bench, starting their science career, or just looking for a change, the list proposes where the likeliest landing spot...