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Meetings and Conferences: Go for the Professional Development, Stay for the Buffet

I’ve always enjoyed attending meetings and conferences, and not because I’m a technology nerd or need to escape my work environment. Whatever field you’re in, here’s hoping you’re really into it, or at least find it provides more than a paycheck. If you at least like what you do, you ...



Your Resume

Back in November, I wrote a blog with tips for writing a cover letter. This blog will focus on the resume. I spent a few years working for a great little start-up that hired me as one of their first 10 or so employees, which meant I wore a lot of hats. One of my hats was “Science and Technolo...



Is all in order?

It started with a good idea that became a testable hypothesis and a research plan. Now all the data has been recorded and analyzed, and you’ve got a research article to write and submit for publication. You know the structure. It’s not quite a recipe, but the ingredients are clear cut....



The Uninvited Guest Syndrome

Over the past several years, the federal government has been moving toward greater collaboration within and between federal programs, departments and agencies as well as with those outside of government from industry, the private sector, academia and nonprofit organizations.  



The Art of Getting Positive References

Congratulations! Your resume has landed you an interview. But to authenticate your work history, prospective employers ask for professional references. They want to know the person behind the resume. To help them do this, they either contact the references directly, or they enlist the services ...


Thomas Patrick

Don't be your own worst enemy

Hello everyone! This month, I wanted to focus on something that “SHOULD” go without saying, but I see it enough that I am moved to make it my topic this time around. 



Should I apply?

As you are going through a job search, you inevitably come across a position description for a company that you’d really like to work for. But the position description isn’t a 100% fit. Or even a 70% fit. Maybe (gasp!) not even a 50% fit. So, should you apply? What’s the worst that c...

Caroline Ceniza-Levine


How To Find A Lost Reference – and Other Tips for Managing Your Professional References

References are a critical part of the hiring process, and I have seen the strength (or weakness) of professional references influence the ultimate hiring decision. You don’t want to scramble last-minute to collect your references when you’re in a job search. First of all, it takes time to track ...

Isaiah Hankel


5 Reasons PhDs Are Valued More Than Other Job Candidates

The idea that getting a PhD is going to hurt your chances of getting a non-academic job is a misconception. In fact, most PhDs go on to get non-academic jobs and most get paid more than non-PhDs in the same position.